Dr Wayne Borowsky

    Chiropractic Practitioner

    • Mtec Degree (TWR) SA

    I qualified at Wits Technikon with a M Tech Degree, in 2001. I have been in private practice for 15 years. I did my partial thesis on Achilles tendinitis, which ultimately opened up my fascination and passion for working with sports, endurance and dance injuries. I spent close to a year working in Nevada USA with the dance companies, including the Celine Dion production and Spirit of the Dance shows. Locally, I frequently work on dancers who are a part of the International musical productions, ranging from Cabaret, Chicago, Rent, Hair Spray, Rocky Horror Picture Show, We Will Rock You, Grease, Jersey Boys, Spirit of the Dance, Saturday Night Fever, Footloose, Cats, Phantom of the Opera, The South African Ballet Theatre Company, and other ballet, modern dance, and contemporary dance companies.

    I have had the privilege and honour of working on top professional cyclists, long distance runners, triathletes, cross fit professionals, swimmers, water polo players, hockey players, golfers, cricketers, soccer players, boxers, squash and tennis players, gymnasts, netball players, rugby players, body builders and many other sporting disciplines.

    With my passion and keen interest in these sporting arenas, I had the fortune and honour of working with other sporting colleagues who have medical interest in the fields including Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists, Homeopaths, and Biokineticists.

    These relationships have continued, and I currently have an excellent and close association with Biokineticists, Deep Tissue Therapists, Physiotherapists, Homeopaths, Yoga Teachers, Reflexologists, Neural Linguistic Therapists and the Conventional Orthopedic and Allopathic Medical Worlds.

    My philosophy has always been based on blending healing methodologies, and I can testify to both the physical and emotional manifestation of this. By focusing on both spheres, it allows one to naturally treat more than just the symptoms. My team at Synergy Holistix all share similar philosophies.

    Each patient has to be treated uniquely, and the treatment platform will be decided on an individual basis.

    The journey has been amazing and I cherish every element and facet of daily work, especially meeting amazing individuals who have taught me so much about the world and its different aspects and cultures! The lessons I have learnt from my work are immeasurable and irreplaceable. My interactions with patients have often been awe inspiring – listening and learning from each person, has at times, been life altering!

    To work in a pure and healing sphere comes with great challenges, and so to enjoy so many laughs and joyous moments are always cherished! To be triumphant and cure disease and help people become pain free is a feeling that is indescribable. It never becomes devoid of joy and reward!

    My personal interests are very clearly seen in my office decor – a passion for Liverpool football club and Marvel and DC superheroes! Growing up with music, having been a drummer and coming from a very musical family, I have been blessed to be able to blend this passion with work, whereby as I mentioned above, I have had a rooted involvement in treating the dancers in the major International Theatre Productions. I also have a passion for the bush life and I am never bored of a good bush tale. Having played cricket seriously when I was younger, as well as having had an active participation in golf, I have a deep found respect for all athletes – sportsmen and sportswomen.

    Benefits of Chiropractics:
    • Restores motion in your joints
    • Assists the body in functioning to its fullest potential
    • Aids in overall well-being and stress reduction
    • Speeds up pain relief