• BSc. H.M.S., Physiol. (Wits)
    • BSc. Hons. Biokinetics. (Wits)

    I grew up being involved in a number of sports, from ballet to track and field, baseball, MMA, cheerleading and gymnastics. So naturally, my path led me to a field that involved a combination of sporting, training and movement knowledge.

    I graduated from Wits in 2010, with a Bachelor of Science in Biokinetics, I then completed a 1 year internship in 2011. During this year I started working for the Lions strikers Cricket team and met my mentor Dr Wayne Borowsky, this was also when I developed a deep empathy for injured individuals.

    The following year the Claudia Dos Santos Biokinetics Practice was born, and I became the Johannesburg based therapist for the Protea Cricket Team.

    Fast forward 5 years, I am part of a phenomenal multi-disciplinary healing team, I continue to work on some exceptional athletes and am privileged to be helping change a number of peoples’ quality of life.

    My approach to treatment is individuality, correcting the cause of the injury and developing a conscious awareness of the body. After attending a Biokinetics session with myself, I strive to ensure that each person leaves with a clear understanding of how to help him/herself.

    Benefits of Biokinetics:
    • Supervised, appropriate exercise programmes that can assist in overcoming many health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac and lung diseases, as well as people struggling with weight.
    • Repairs muscle strength, balance and movement (flexibility) after an injury or orthopedic problem.
    • Correct education in lifting methods and everyday tasks can help to overcome certain problems, which can also avoid/eliminate surgery as a form of treatment.